Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer: Comfortable & Accurate Baby Temperature Monitoring


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The Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer offers gentle, accurate temperature monitoring for babies. With its soothing pacifier design, quick readings, and fever alarm, it's a must-have for every parent's toolkit. Trust Beurer for reliable and comfortable baby care solutions.

Key features

  • Gentle measurement in the mouth
  • Ideal for babies and toddlers
  • Display in °C
  • Can be disinfected/waterproof
  • 1 memory space
  • Automatic switch-off

Product description

Discover the Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer, a gentle and precise solution for monitoring your baby’s temperature. Designed to resemble a pacifier, this innovative thermometer makes temperature-taking a comfortable and stress-free experience for both parents and infants.

Crafted with your baby’s comfort in mind, the Beurer BY20 features a soft and soothing pacifier design that babies naturally gravitate towards. Say goodbye to tears and struggles during temperature checks, as this thermometer provides a familiar and calming sensation for your little one.

Not only does the Beurer BY20 prioritize comfort, but it also delivers accurate temperature readings with ease. The pacifier thermometer uses advanced temperature sensing technology to provide precise measurements, ensuring reliable results when you need them most.

With its user-friendly design, the Beurer BY20 is incredibly easy to use, even for first-time parents. Simply place the pacifier in your baby’s mouth and wait for the temperature reading to display on the digital screen. It’s quick, convenient, and eliminates the hassle of traditional temperature-taking methods.

Equipped with a built-in fever alarm, the Beurer BY20 alerts you if your baby’s temperature exceeds the normal range. This feature allows you to take prompt action and seek medical attention if necessary, ensuring your baby’s health and well-being are always prioritized.

For added convenience, the Beurer BY20 pacifier thermometer also recalls the last temperature reading, allowing you to track changes over time and provide accurate information to healthcare professionals.

Rest assured that the Beurer BY20 is a reliable and safe choice for your baby’s health monitoring needs. It is rigorously tested and certified to meet medical device standards, providing you with peace of mind every time you use it.

In conclusion, the Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer combines comfort, accuracy, and convenience to make temperature monitoring a breeze for parents and babies alike. With its gentle pacifier design, precise measurements, fever alarm, and memory recall feature, this thermometer is a must-have for every nursery. Trust Beurer to keep your baby healthy and happy with innovative healthcare solutions.

Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer

Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer

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