Beurer IH 21 Nebulizer: Precision Aerosol Therapy for Optimal Respiratory Wellness


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Elevate respiratory care with Beurer IH 21 Nebulizer. Precision aerosol therapy, user-friendly design, and portability redefine wellness. Whisper-quiet operation ensures a peaceful experience. Trust in Beurer for efficient, reliable, and family-friendly respiratory support.

Key Features

    1. Precision Aerosol Therapy:
      • Targeted and efficient medication delivery for optimal care.
    2. User-Friendly Design:
      • Hassle-free operation with intuitive controls.
    3. Compact Portability:
      • Wellness on the go with a portable and convenient design.
    4. Whisper-Quiet Operation:
      • Enjoy undisturbed respiratory care with silent nebulization.
    5. Reliable Technology:
      • Consistent and trustworthy nebulization for peace of mind.
    6. Family-Friendly Device:
      • Suitable for users of all ages, simplifying respiratory care.
    7. Efficient Medication Delivery:
      • Maximizes each dose for optimized respiratory support.
    8. Portable Wellness Solution:
      • Compact design for respiratory care wherever needed.

    Choose Beurer IH 21 for superior nebulization, user-friendly features, and portable wellness.


Elevate your respiratory well-being with the Beurer IH 21 Nebulizer, a sophisticated solution designed for precision aerosol therapy. This nebulizer offers optimal respiratory care, providing targeted and efficient medication delivery for users of all ages.

The Beurer IH 21 boasts advanced technology that ensures a consistent and reliable nebulization process. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to everyone, simplifying the respiratory care routine. This nebulizer is compact and portable, allowing you to prioritize your wellness wherever life takes you.

Experience the whisper-quiet operation of the Beurer IH 21, enabling peaceful and undisturbed respiratory care sessions. The intuitive controls contribute to a hassle-free user experience, making the device suitable for all members of the family.

The Beurer IH 21 Nebulizer is a testament to Beurer’s commitment to excellence in healthcare technology. It offers not just a device, but a reliable companion dedicated to enhancing your respiratory health journey. Invest in the Beurer IH 21 for a compact, efficient, and user-friendly solution that goes beyond traditional respiratory care.

Choose the Beurer IH 21 Nebulizer to enjoy the benefits of precision aerosol therapy, ensuring each breath contributes to your overall respiratory wellness. Breathe easy, breathe smart – trust Beurer for quality and innovation in respiratory health.

Technical Specification

Product name IH 21 Nebuliser
Brand Beurer
Product designation Nebuliser
Storage box (integrated into the device) yes
Operation Mains operation
Can be disinfected yes
Adult mask yes
Children’s mask yes
Medical device yes
Mouthpiece yes
Nosepiece yes
Mains connection 230 V~; 50 Hz; 230 VA
Particle size 3.07 µm
Technology AC compressed-air technology
Nebulisation performance approx. 0.3 ml/min.
Product weight approx. 1.65 kg
Product dimensions 30 x 18 x 10 cm
CE yes
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