Experience Comfort and Relief: Yuwell’s Latest Air Jet Style Medical Air Mattress with Spherical Wave Pressure Pump for Bedsore-Free Bed Rest


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Experience ultimate comfort with Yuwell's latest air jet style medical air mattress. Featuring a new pressure pump and spherical wave technology, it ensures bedsore-free bed rest. Ideal for home and medical settings, this mattress offers personalized support for a restful sleep experience.

Key Features

  • Low Noise: New designed pump, portable compact and ultra quite.
  • Convenient Hook: Convenient for the product to fix on various beds.
  • Mattress mostly make use of pump to automatically filling and releasing system to anti decubitus.
  • Every pipe can be removed and replaced easily.

Product Description

Discover Unmatched Comfort and Relief

Experience unparalleled comfort and relief with Yuwell’s latest innovation in medical air mattresses. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this air mattress ensures a restful sleep experience while preventing bedsores.

Advanced Air Jet Style Design

Yuwell’s latest air jet style design incorporates spherical wave technology to provide dynamic support and pressure relief. The innovative design minimizes pressure points, promoting healthy blood circulation and reducing the risk of bedsores.

Customized Support for Optimal Comfort

With the spherical wave pressure pump, users can customize their comfort level according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer mattress, Yuwell’s air mattress adapts to your body for personalized support and relief.

Bedsore-Free Bed Rest

Say goodbye to bedsores with Yuwell’s advanced pressure pump and spherical wave technology. By evenly distributing pressure and promoting circulation, this mattress ensures a bedsore-free bed rest experience, enhancing overall comfort and well-being.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Setting up Yuwell’s air mattress is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy its benefits right away. Additionally, the mattress is easy to maintain, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for long-term use.

Ideal for Home and Medical Settings

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, managing a medical condition, or seeking improved sleep quality, Yuwell’s air mattress is suitable for both home and medical environments. Enhance your comfort and well-being with this essential medical device.

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience Today

Invest in Yuwell’s latest air jet style medical air mattress with spherical wave pressure pump for the ultimate comfort and relief. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to rejuvenating sleep with this innovative solution for bedsore-free bed rest.

Technical Specification

  1. Material: Medical grade PVC, Non Toxic
  2. Rated Voltage: 220V
  3. Power: 12VA
  4. Outer Air Presser: >= 14kpa
  5. Outer Flow: >= 5L/min
  6. Working: Continuously
  7. Size: 200 x 90 x 9 cm (L x W x H)
  8. Thickness: 3.5mm
  9. Weight user weight: 220kg (Approx.)
  10. Weight: 10.5kg
  11. Power supply: 220-240 volts
  12. Number of Tube-22
  13. Product Origin: China
  14. Compressor Warranty: 2 Year
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