TYNOR Knee Immobiliser: 19″ Grey Large – Support & Stability for Enhanced Recovery


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Get optimal support with TYNOR Knee Immobiliser. Sized at 19″ for larger knees, adjustable straps ensure a snug fit. Ideal for post-injury or surgery recovery, offering stability and comfort for enhanced healing.

Key features

  • Light weight.
  • Anatomically shaped.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Perfect immobilization.
  • Immobilization at Slight flexion.

Product Description

Superior Support and Stability

Experience unparalleled support and stability with the TYNOR Knee Immobiliser. Specifically designed to provide optimal support during injury recovery or post-operative care, this immobiliser ensures that your knee remains secure and protected throughout the healing process.

Customized Comfort

Crafted with comfort in mind, this knee immobiliser features a 19″ size suitable for larger individuals. The adjustable straps allow for a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support tailored to your needs.

Enhanced Recovery

Whether you’re recovering from a knee injury, surgery, or experiencing discomfort due to conditions like arthritis, the TYNOR Knee Immobiliser promotes enhanced recovery by providing the necessary support to facilitate healing and reduce pain.

Durable Construction

Constructed from high-quality materials, this knee immobiliser is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures long-term durability, providing reliable support and stability for extended periods of use.

Versatile Usage

Ideal for various situations requiring knee immobilization, such as ligament injuries, meniscal tears, or post-surgery recovery, the TYNOR Knee Immobiliser offers versatile support tailored to your specific needs.

Easy to Use

Designed for convenience, this knee immobiliser is easy to apply and adjust. The user-friendly design ensures that you can comfortably wear the immobiliser whenever needed, without hassle or discomfort.

Promote Healing and Stability

Invest in your recovery with the TYNOR Knee Immobiliser. With its superior support, customizable comfort, and durable construction, this immobiliser is your key to enhanced stability and faster healing for your knee injury or post-operative care needs.

TYNOR Knee Immobiliser: 19" Grey Large

TYNOR Knee Immobiliser: 19″ Grey Large

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