Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump – Efficient and Gentle Breastfeeding Companion for Mothers


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The Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump is your gentle and efficient breastfeeding companion. With an ergonomic design for comfort, this manual pump offers a personalized and discreet solution for expressing milk. Compact and portable, it empowers mothers with flexibility and convenience in their breastfeeding journey.

Key Features

  • Efficient Manual Pumping: Smooth and controlled expression for milk supply maintenance.
  • Comfortable Design: Ergonomic grip and soft silicone cushion for gentle and natural feel.
  • Compact and Portable: Ideal for on-the-go mothers, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Battery-Free Operation: Manual pumping without the need for power sources.
  • Promotes Bonding: Enhances the breastfeeding experience for both mothers and babies.

Product Description

The Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump is a reliable and efficient breastfeeding companion designed to enhance the breastfeeding experience for mothers. This manual pump offers a gentle and comfortable way for nursing mothers to express breast milk, providing flexibility and convenience. Crafted with precision, the BY 15 ensures a smooth and efficient pumping process, allowing mothers to maintain their milk supply effortlessly.

The ergonomic design of the breast pump ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy for mothers to control the suction intensity and rhythm. The gentle suction, combined with a soft silicone cushion, ensures a comfortable and natural feeling during expressing sessions. This manual breast pump is perfect for mothers who prefer a more controlled and personalized approach to expressing milk.

The Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump is compact and portable, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go mothers. Whether at home or traveling, this breast pump provides a discreet and efficient solution for expressing milk as needed. The manual operation eliminates the need for batteries or power sources, giving mothers the freedom to express milk anywhere, anytime.

This breastfeeding companion promotes bonding between mothers and their babies while offering the convenience of expressing milk when required. With the Beurer BY 15, nursing mothers can experience the benefits of manual pumping in a user-friendly and efficient device. Elevate your breastfeeding journey with this gentle and reliable breast pump, providing comfort and flexibility to meet the unique needs of every mother.


Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump

Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump


Technical Specification of Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump

  • The manual breast pump is ideally suited for occasional pumping or when travelling. It is simple and easy to use.
  • Bottle with anti-colic system for reducing colic and discomfort in infants.
  • Comfortable and gentle due to two pumping levels
  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Vacuum technology
  • With one bottle, manual breast pump attachment, matching screw plug for bottle, bottle stand and a naturally shaped silicone teat for easy feeding incl. cap
  • Silicone cushion (standard size) with
  • Comfortable surface for gentle use
  • Accessories can be disinfected
  • Medical device
  • warranty: 3 years


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Beurer BY 15 Manual Breast Pump

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