Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml: Convenient 3-Pack Set


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Get the trusted Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml, a 3-piece set without teats, for safe and convenient breast milk storage. BPA-free and compatible with Medela pumps, these bottles ensure every drop is preserved for your baby's nourishment.

Key Features

  • Allows natural switching between breast and bottle
  • One size and shape fits all
  • Safe drinking – the baby does not swallow air during the feed
  • BPA free and Swiss-made – safe for you and your baby
  • Brand MEDELA
  • Origin Switzerland

Product Description

The Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml (without Teat) come in a convenient 3-piece box, offering nursing mothers a reliable solution for storing breast milk safely. These bottles are designed with quality and convenience in mind, ensuring that every drop of precious breast milk is preserved for your baby’s nourishment.

Crafted by a trusted brand in breastfeeding essentials, Medela, these bottles are made from high-quality materials that are safe for both mother and baby. They are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, providing peace of mind to nursing mothers concerned about their baby’s health.

Each bottle has a capacity of 150ml, making them perfect for storing small to moderate amounts of breast milk. Whether you’re pumping at home or on the go, these bottles offer a convenient storage solution to meet your needs. Plus, the 3-piece box provides ample supply, ensuring you always have clean bottles ready for use.

The absence of a teat in this set allows for versatility in feeding options. Nursing mothers can use their preferred teat or feeding system, making these bottles compatible with a wide range of breast pumps and accessories. This flexibility ensures that mothers can customize their breastfeeding experience according to their baby’s needs and preferences.

Cleaning and maintaining these bottles is effortless, thanks to their simple design and durable construction. They are dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and easy cleaning between uses. Additionally, the bottles are compatible with Medela breast pumps, simplifying the process of expressing, storing, and feeding breast milk.

In summary, the Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml (without Teat) offer nursing mothers a convenient and reliable solution for storing breast milk. With their quality construction, versatile design, and convenient packaging, these bottles are an essential addition to any breastfeeding mother’s toolkit. Ensure your baby receives the nourishment they need with these trusted breast milk storage bottles from Medela.

Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml

Medela Breast Milk Bottles 150ml

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